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Deep Tissue Massage - Used to  release tension and painful points in muscles. Depth of massage is based on tolerance of client.

Swedish Massage - Light flowing massage that increases circulation and inspires relaxation.


Skin care


Bellanina Facelift Massage - A trademarked and certified form of massage that uses cleansers, oils, moisturizers and toners to provide a rejuvenating and relaxing massage. Please visit Bellanina's website for a full video of this massage.



Hot Stone Therapy - Stones are heated in a hot water bath to provide a soothing and relaxing massage. Jojoba oil is used to aid the stones in smoothly gliding over the body.

Spa Reflexology - A hot water bath relaxes and aids in the releasing of tension from the feet. Salt/Sugar scrubs are used to invigorate circulation and exfoliate the feet to prepare them to be moisturized during the reflexology massage.

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