The Therapeutic Touch, LLC


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Deep Tissue Massage - Used to  release tension and painful points in muscles. Depth of massage is based on tolerance of client.

Swedish Massage - Light flowing massage that increases circulation and inspires relaxation.


Skin care


Bellanina Facelift Massage - A trademarked and certified form of massage that uses cleansers, oils, moisturizers and toners to provide a rejuvenating and relaxing massage. Please visit Bellanina's website for a full video of this massage.



Hot Stone Therapy - Stones are heated in a hot water bath to provide a soothing and relaxing massage. Jojoba oil is used to aid the stones in smoothly gliding over the body.

Spa Reflexology - A hot water bath relaxes and aids in the releasing of tension from the feet. Salt/Sugar scrubs are used to invigorate circulation and exfoliate the feet to prepare them to be moisturized during the reflexology massage.

About us


The Therapeutic Touch, LLC was started in November of 2004, by Heather Atkinson, LMT, BA, NCBTMB. Heather has an Associate's Degree in Massage Therapy and continues to expand her experience and her certifications through earning continuing education credit hours. When you come for your first massage, you will be asked to fill out some forms that assist with treating you more effectively. These forms also help to determine if you have some health conditions that make massage a health risk, which must be discussed with the client prior to treatment. One such medical condition is pregnancy. There are myths and truths about massage during pregnancy; and Heather has been certified in the most basic form of pregancy massage since 2005. She can educate clients on these myths and truths, as well as perform pregnancy massage.


Pregnancy massage can aid women during pregnancy with common aches in their back, legs, and feet, as well as their neck and shoulders. It is safe and effective during all stages of pregnancy. Heather is also experienced in infant massage and can train parents on this form of massage, which can aid infants in forming closer bonds with their parents and even assist infants in forming good muscle movements for when they begin to crawl.


Heather recently became certified in Bellaning Facelift Massage.

This form of massage has been shown to improve the look of the

skin on the face and neck, even reducing the appearance of fine

lines and wrinkles. It is recommended that a client seeking effective

and longer lasting results, should receive at least 6 once a week

facelift massages. Heather is equipped to teach clients at-home

techniques to continue the effects of the massage(s). Clients may

decide that they want to explore the Bellanina line of skin care

products. Heather is able to assist the client in choosing the best

products for the client's skin type.

for more information on this 32+ step massage technique and to

explore the Bellanina line of skin care products. 


Heather provides in-office chair massage for businesses with at least 4 people interested in receiving massage. The in-office chair massage set-up fee is $25.00 and helps cover the cost of travel to and from the office. The length of the chair massages, may vary, but for the minimum of 4 people, the least amount of minutes must be 20 minutes of chair massage. Chair massage is an effective way to improve office moral and give your office staff a gift for the holidays or as a thank-you for good job performance. To set a time for your in-office chair massages, please consider what day(s) and time(s) would work best for you and your office staff, as well as, a peaceful and private area for the chair massages to take place. Once you have decided upon these circumstances, you are ready to call Heather and set-up your in-office chair massage experience.


Thank you for stopping by to visit this site. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have or to set-up your therapeutic massage.